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Old School ,Human HR

4 Reasons Why You Need Old School, Human HR

Human resource management software has grown with technological advancement over the recent years. These improvements have allowed business owners and their employees to focus their time on essential matters (i.e., getting work done). But leaving important HR tasks to software and other tools can have a big impact on the way the company runs and how employees perceive the role of HR within your organization.

Nowadays, a lot of HR companies offer online self-service tools that manage most, if not all, HR obligations. While these tools have some advantages (e.g., tasks can be done right away without hiring a full-time staff member), this approach can also backfire. When an HR department lacks the distinct qualities of an old school, human-managed HR, things can get messy. Here’s why.

#1. It takes time, effort, and resources to teach employees how to use an online HR system 

Teaching your employees how to use an electronic HR system can be much more taxing than you realize, especially for small and mid-size businesses that run operations on an allocated budget. Teaching your employees how to use self-service programs and tools can be more than what a company bargains for because of the intrinsic costs and operational disruption they have. In so many ways, simply having a “human” perform all of your human resources tasks makes the process less complicated.

#2. Record keeping should be related to how your company runs

Unlike software and online tools that have a predetermined set of rules and behavior, having an actual person running HR allows you to calibrate and balance your human resources needs based on your overall needs as a company. As the central source of important employee information, having humans manage employee status, ever-changing laws and regulations, as well as full annual benefits evaluations can be much better than software that, while useful, address issues that can crop up without a moment’s notice.

For example, new parents have 30 days to add their newborn baby to their policy. If they do not get this done, the baby will be without coverage until the next open enrollment! YIKES!

#3. HR should facilitate effective policy enforcement

One of the primary goals of having an HR department on your side is to lessen misinterpretation, misunderstandings, and conflict within your company. Using software instead of a living, breathing, critical-thinking human being can have potential risks like neglected tasks or simple detail inaccuracies that can wreak havoc on compliance. HR also plays a key role in facilitating employee career growth by reaching out and informing them of their job performance or job-related discrepancies.

#4. HR is the heart of your company

Not only is an HR department the center for important employee data and information, but it also acts to personally address employee questions, feedback, and concerns. This makes your human resources department the heart of your company, allowing your employees to form a relationship with a person who can help them when they need it. Having “human” HR for your company leads to an open and honest atmosphere that catapults your organization towards greater success.

Finding a balance for your HR

This is not to disparage the role that technology plays in making human resources tasks easier! In fact, we’ve found that a healthy balance of human support and HR technology works best for companies of all sizes. A suite of resources like the Sunflower Benefits Group’s HR Solutions offer a personalized, one-stop resource for all your HR and benefits needs. And when you have the support of human beings, who are available when you need them, rest assured you’ll have all the support you need to meet get HR done right.

Put a human at the helm of your HR

The humans at Sunflower Benefits Group give your organization the support it needs to take care of your employees, including managing your technology! It might be old school, but having humans at the helm of your HR efforts means that there is someone who can take care of all your human resources needs, so you don’t have to.


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