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How is COVID-19 changing healthcare?

Telehealth — Telehealth is not new, but it is changing fast. Almost overnight, by necessity, every health care provider who can is deliviring telemedicine.  There are pros and cons to telemedicine.  It can be difficult for doctors to do a full examination for more complex issues, but it’s faster for patients to get answers to simple health needs. (And you don’t have to find parking)

Primary Care Doctors In Peril — For several years concern has grown about the dwindling number of primary care physicians.  As older doctors retire, new medical students are tending towards other specialties.  Most current insurances pay doctors per service (fee-for-service).  One solution doctors are moving towards to save their primary care practices is a value based care, using models such as Direct Primary Care.

Hospitals May Be On The Decline —  The pandemic also might lead to less emphasis on hospital-based care. While hospitals in many parts of the country have full of very sick COVID patients, they have closed down other nonemergency services to preserve supplies and resources to fight the pandemic.  Many experts predict patient numbers won’t just snap back when the current emergency wanes. For hospitals in underserved areas that were already in danger of closing, the situation might be dire.

For more discussion on this check out this article. 

Although much of this sounds a bit negative, it is times like this where there is pressure to adapt to changing conditions.  As always, we will depend on quality healthcare, and trust that these changes will be positive.  Over the last 30 years, healthcare has changed and now it is changing again.  Over time the relationship between doctor and patient became more about insurance reimbursement and less about the patient.  Maybe the current pressure to change will help reverse that.

Check out our information on Direct Primary Care.  These practices are already working hard to provide personal care dispite these challenging times.

Have you or someone you know lost coverage due to COVID-19?

Here is what you need to know:

  • If you have a chronic condition, see a Doctor on a regular basis, and/or take expensive medications – You probably need an Affordable Care Act Plan. (ACA/Marketplace/ObamaCare)
  • If you are healthy, see a Doctor 2-3 times each year, take a few generic maintenance medicines (thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety/depression), – contact us to help you find a plan that fits your life style and your wallet.
  • Never go to the Doctor, but want to know you are covered if you get sick, injured or need to be hospitalized? We have solutions for that too.

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