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How to Be a Good Neighbor While Social Distancing

Right now we are all facing and experiencing challenges we’ve never faced before. It’s just human nature to want to do something to support our friends, family, and neighbors. Here are a few of the tips that our friends at Sedera recently shared and will help you to still be a good neighbor while social distancing.

  • Stay home – The most important thing we can all do to protect and be a good neighbor right now is to stay home!
  • Wash your hands – While we hope your contact with others is limited, it’s still a good reminder to take the time to wash your hands frequently. Sing a short song while doing so to make sure you wash for long enough.
  • Check-in with your friends and family – Whether they are next door, across town or in a different state, give them a weekly call, set up a Zoom meeting or FaceTime.
  • Buy a gift card to your favorite local establishment – Even though we cannot frequent our favorite restaurants right now, we can still support them. Buy a gift card to use while social distancing to use later or drop off to a friend that would appreciate the generosity during this time.
  • Make a grocery run for your neighbors – You may be heading out to do your weekly grocery shopping. If so, call your neighbors and see if they may need something too while you are already going.


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