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Legal and Identity Theft Protection

Legal protection with LegalSheild

For a low monthly fee, LegalShield gives you the power and confidence of having a law firm on retainer, on-demand when you need it most. LegalShield provides personal plans and business plans to help you with:

  • Traffic violations
  • Estate planning
  • Real estate contracts
  • Employment law
  • Tenant/landlord issues
  • Consumer finance
  • Collections
  • Family law
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal litigation

Identity theft protection with IDShield

Security breaches seem to be an everyday occurrence. Through every transaction that we make, our personal information is susceptible to thieves and criminals who would love nothing more than to steal our identities. If someone steals your personal information (like your name, credit card data, or Social Security number) it can result in anything from damage to your credit reports to a loss of financial assets.

 An IDShield membership provides you with a personal investigator to work on your case to restore your identity and your record to pre-theft status. There is a $5 million service guarantee. All this for a low monthly fee.

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