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Sedera Medical Cost Sharing

What is medical cost sharing?

Medical cost sharing is an innovative non-insurance solution for managing large medical expenses. In this model, a community of like-minded individuals joins together to share one another’s healthcare burdens.

Medical cost sharing communities have actually existed for over 40 years!

Is Sedera right for me?

While medical cost sharing might sound scary at first, Sunflower Benefits Group partners with Sedera, a nonprofit organization that facilitates and supports the community in working together for the best care of its members. Sedera Members are educated and empowered to make the right decision for themselves and the larger community.

Medical cost sharing is great for healthy individuals, or those who need emergency room coverage to complement a direct primary care membership. Sedera has no membership requirements. No one is ever turned away. There is no religious requirement to join, all are welcome! 

How does cost sharing work?

Medical cost sharing is not insurance. There are no cards or networks. It is a model for cash pay patients who shop directly for their medical care. This approach actually opens up more doors for you, as an increasing number of providers offer discounts for patients who pay cash.

In a cost sharing community, members work together to keep costs down by shopping for the best value and making smart choices. Every member pays a fixed monthly contribution to support the community. Funds are kept in an FDIC-insured bank that facilitates the sharing process. When a member experiences a large medical need, the bills are shared among the other members.

What costs can be shared?

The Sedera medical cost sharing community is there to share large healthcare expenses such as the birth of a child, cancer treatment, emergency room, hospitalizations, accidents, etc.  In addition, the friendly Member Services staff at Sedera is happy to help research and recommend the lowest cost facilities in your area for specialty services such as sonograms, MRIs, and lab work.

Sedera also offers members an Rx Marketplace at no additional charge. This includes discount cards, home delivery, up to 80% discount, quality medications, international pharmacies, prescription assistance, and pet medications.

Preventive care eligible for reimbursement with Sedera:

  • Screening colonoscopies
  • Mammograms
  • Childhood immunizations by schedule to age 18
  • Yearly flu vaccine for all ages
  • Mental health is shareable up to $750/year after meeting the initial unshared amount (IUA) 

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