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Short-Term Medical Plans

What is a short-term medical plan?

Unexpected life changes, such as a job loss, can mean losing health coverage. Short-term medical plans are designed to cover you for a limited number of months until you are able to enroll in another benefit program. These plans ensure that you can get the care you need in the event that you are hurt or hospitalized due to a new condition. Don’t let life catch you unprepared! Short-term medical plans may be the answer. 

You can get coverage as soon as the next day! 

Short-term medical plans do not cover pre-existing conditions or prescriptions. 

You may qualify if:

  • You are healthy
  • You are between jobs
  • You don’t take name-brand medication
  • You’ve had a loss of coverage

What is covered:

  • Doctor visits and some preventive care
  • Emergency room and ambulance coverage
  • Urgent care benefits
  • Diagnostic testing, mammograms, radiation therapy, chemotherapy
  • Surgery, inpatient and outpatient hospital benefits, hospital confinement benefits
  • Physical therapy, skilled nursing facility benefits, home health care

Subject to deductible and coinsurance as described in your Benefits Schedule

What plans are available?

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