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Should You Be Outsourcing HR for Your Small Business?

As the owner of a small to midsize business, you have a lot to think about and take care of. There’s the everyday processes of running your business, keeping your employees happy and working hard, and making sure that the business is running smoothly. On top of all that, you’ve got HR to worry about.

Human resources can be a source of frustration for business owners who do not want to hire a separate employee to cover that aspect or who just do not have the time to take care of the ins and outs themselves. One way to easily solve that problem is to outsource your HR responsibilities. So should you? The short answer is yes. There are countless reasons for a small to midsize business to be outsourcing HR duties. Here’s why.


Payroll is one of the most important aspects of keeping employees working hard and yourself out of tax trouble. It can also be a huge frustration if you’re not exactly sure what all you need to do with the payroll taxes and accounting. By hiring a company to handle all things payroll, you can take that stress off yourself and focus more on building your business.


With ever-changing regulations, the norm, health insurance coverage —along with navigating ACA— is a must. It’s also an area that your HR department needs to pay special attention to on a regular basis. Offering insurance benefits to your employees can also help you to maintain long term employees that are willing to work hard for your business. This is a huge asset to your worker’s families. By outsourcing HR, you can have someone manage all of those aspects for you while offering your employees something they want and need.

Worker’s Compensation

When someone is injured while working for your business, worker’s compensation can kick in. This can be a contentious point for many if it is not handled properly. It can also leave you open to legal fees and processes if the right coverage is not in place. An HR vendor can help you manage these aspects as well as any other commercial insurance issues so that whenever someone is injured, you and the employee are well covered.

Other Services

When you outsource HR, you can also offer additional benefits like investment opportunities, employee wellness program and other HR-related services that you otherwise may not be able to provide. A third party HR vendor can also assist you in creating a competitive benefits package to draw in—and retain— the top tier talent you’ve been searching for.

Contact Sunflower Benefits Group today to find out more about how you can work with an HR company to run your payroll and employee benefits without breaking the bank. While you may think this is not in your budget, you’ll be happy to know that there are packages for every budget and business size.


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